Conducting a Technical SEO Audit

Your business is online! Now What? Definitely it is the SEO campaign that has to hit the second round. But before you take off with your SEO campaign, you first have to perform an analysis for your website. In more clear terms, you first have to undertake an SEO Audit. An SEO Audit is performed by an SEO Analyst and is a crucial step to interrogate the ups and downs of a website. Its functionality is similar to that of a doctor’s check-up where a professional finds out problems and cure them accordingly to outline a lucratively planned strategy for the future activities.
SEO Audit Steps!
The SEO audit is mainly divided into two parts:-

  • Pre-audit
  • Main-audit

SEO Audit – Pre-Audit!
In pre-audit the SEO executive checks for following (assuming you are an SEO service provider company):-
1) Talk to the Client: – The executive takes the brief idea about the website and his business and what are the expectations from them.
2) Define Goals: – After taking the entire requirement from the client you must set clear targets to be achieved as per client requirement.
3) Analytics: – This is a best free tool to do an analysis of your website traffic and see what segments/modules users are viewing on your site and many user engagement metrics like browser, city, bounce rate, time spent on site etc. These stats help to set a better strategy to focus on long term goals and make a brand reputation.
4) Webmaster Tools: – These are the most important tool provided by Google, this is best way to find problems in a website and correct them. This tool helps and gives tips to boost up in search engine rankings.
5) Google Ad words: – See if your client or yourself have ever used Google ad words or want to use, as this are good for giving a good start to a website as these are paid and with well-decided keywords your site can be visible to your desired audience and best part is you pay only if you get a visit on your site.
6) Are They Mobile? : – Executive also checks if the site is mobile friendly or not. Even after having responsive sites, Google might encounter some mobile friendliness issues. Since Google has officially declared that it will boost up rankings for mobile friendly websites after Mobilegeddon update, and people use mobile devices more to access web, therefore – it’s a win-win situation to Go mobile.
SEO Website Audit – Main Components!
Here are top things executive must keep in mind while performing final SEO audit:
1. Site Crawl: – It must be checked that site is indexed by search engines or not for this we use following syntax “site: site URL.”
For example: –
This will show all the pages indexed by that browser for that particular site only.
Site Crwal - ITXITPro
2. XML sitemap: – An XML file placed in a website for web crawlers basically so that when a crawler comes to our site it can index all our pages This is also taken as a positive point by crawler if a sitemap is there and regularly updated.
3. Robots.txt: – This is a file in which we enlist all the pages we don’t want to be indexed by search engines for example And you can define separately for top search engines like
4. Custom 404 Page: – If user requests a query which is not available on your website, a customized error page must be served to user. This is a custom landing page which is coded to handle not found queries and guide users about additional resources available on website. In case this page is not present, users might bounce back to search results.
5. Site Speed: – Speed is very important nowadays as in first 5 seconds of the site a user decides to stay or bounce, so we can check our website speed by Google developer’s page speed test.
Site Speed - ITXITPro
6. Architecture and Site Structure: – The site architecture must be well structured and easy to navigate for users, use of breadcrumbs is a must to know where the user is currently on your site.
7. File and URL Names: – The URL and files of a site must be SEO friendly and not complex to understand. For example, if a site has digital marketing services and URL is ending with a typical code like this is not good for SEO results it must be ending like
8. Keywords: – This is the most important part of any audit as these are the targets we will be using to get the website ranking well in search engines. A deep research must be done for selecting target keywords according to goals of the client, with the help of webmasters and other couple of tools.
9. Content: – The content on the site must be well structured, and use of target keywords must not be too low or too high a moderate frequency must be maintained.
10. Duplicate Content: – The content on the site must be drafted as unique as possible and avoid duplicate content as this will harm the ranking in search engines. Duplicity will be harmful to any niche and help your competitors to get better ranking than you.
11. Rel-Canonical: – Canonicalization is used to handle duplicity on a website.
Ensure that all sub-pages creating using user-search or additional functionality meet correct canonical paths to reflect authority and juice to right URL.
12. Meta: – This is an important HTML tag which must be checked by an SEO auditor, as this is the content shown in search results. It also helps crawler to know about the content of the website and fetch results according to get most accurate results.
13. Images: – Heavy images website takes more time to load and hence create a bad user experience. Hence images must be compressed before uploading them to the website to make your site load faster. Since search engines can’t read images, always use Alt and Title attributes to reflect machines what an image is all about.
14: Link Audit: – Use Moz Pro or Ahrefs account to monitor your existing link profile. Is website linked with massive article/web-directories? To avoid algorithmic or manual penalty, a best practice is to conduct regular back-link audit and removing low-quality manipulative back-links which may not look natural to search engines.
Once all these steps are properly followed and executed, you can then implement SEO techniques. But the vital fact to remember is to keep a check on your website’s SEO functionality on a regular basis to ensure that your site achieves all the targets as delineated within the strategy.
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Generate More Leads with Your LinkedIn Profile!

Not only LinkedIn but before employing other social media tools, ask yourself, ‘Is this tool worthwhile for your business?’ Don’t just hop on the bandwagon, because everyone else is doing! Based on this first check out that whether LinkedIn is a right tool for you or not? First read how this social tool is supportive of other businesses.
B2B Marketers employ it promotes their new services and product launches. Consultants utilize LinkedIn for connecting with eventual customers and making them aware of their services and experiences. Job Hunters expand their LinkedIn circles to highlight in front of prospective employers. Sales people can conveniently research about prospects on LinkedIn before they actually connect to them to explore their needs and interests. Entrepreneurs have LinkedIn profile to inform consumers about their company and to attract more sales. Small businesses want to highlight them to the customers while large businesses use LinkedIn to showcase their position as well as promote their services and products.
So now that you have known that LinkedIn is a powerful tool useful for every type of business so read on to learn how it can power your business and offer you vigorously with leads like never before
LinkedIn Profile for Lead Generation – The Attractions and the Distractions!
The complexity of social media lies with small and medium-sized business ventures that are not able to set, manage, and run full-fledged marketing campaigns on their own. After all if you are busy handling your business then how will you get time to run a social media campaign. But, the great news is that if you don’t get distracted by LinkedIn negative energies then you can utilize it effectively to bring fame and leads to your business. Suite 203, social media marketing agency in Montreal, lists out 5 major social marketing sins and tricks to get back branding on right track.
This holds true even for other social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. The key is simple; the attractions are things vital for your business while the distractions are fun elements that may drive you away from your business’s goals. The finest way is to get sticky notes attached to your computer screen that will remind you of things that can help your business grow.
Starting with LinkedIn: How to Go about It
Each social media tool has its own personal attributes. While Facebook is more of a ‘friendly pub’, LinkedIn is a more sort of trade show where you can keep things formalized and organized. You may not update about your last vacation, but yes, you surely need to highlight the white paper you wrote. With an assumption that you already possess a LinkedIn profile, now you may proceed by creating a personalized LinkedIn URL. At the top menu bar of your LinkedIn profile page, you may see a tab as ‘Profile’. Drag to the ‘Edit Profile’ link and there you will see a statement as ‘Public Profile’, with an ‘Edit’ link adjacent to it. From there, you can follow prompts to generate a personalized LinkedIn URL.
Tips on selecting a personalized URL Link

  • Avoid utilizing the name of your company in LinkedIn URL. It is because there is no confirmation that you will stay forever with that company.
  • Avoid using obscure acronyms such as ‘YS126’ to differ your URL from that of others. Just because you are employing such an acronym for your Gmail account, does not imply that it will suit your LinkedIn business.
  • Make sure to utilize things or attributes that relate to your main business. For instance, AlfredoAccounting is good.

LinkedIn Profile: Understanding Its Depth
With a personalized URL for your LinkedIn profile, there are couples of other things that you need to do next.
Perfecting Your Profile – It might seem more like a no-brainer task, but the reality is that most individuals create their LinkedIn profile but forgets to update it. There are chances that the client may visit your profile in between and may get a negative impact even if you don’t do it intentionally. Before it is too long, just go back and re-visit and complete your profile now, to create a really powerful impact on the client.
Linking your Twitter Account with LinkedIn Profile – The great news is that when you allow your LinkedIn account to administer your Twitter account then your every status update on LinkedIn follows with a tweet for the same. It can be an excellent way to streamline your social media usability to connect with clients.
Expand Your Network – You can join alumni groups and industry groups to expand your network. Just go to the upper right-hand side of menu bar and click on ‘People’. Drag down to ‘Groups’ then type a relevant subject like sales, marketing, real estate, and more. While searching, LinkedIn can offer you with suggestions not just for ‘Groups’, but also for other categories of ‘Companies’, ‘Connections’, Features’, and ‘Skills’.
Don’t hesitate about reaching out to people or organizations on LinkedIn as this is what it is outlined for. Also, make sure you don’t attempt to capture the group in one go as this will make your nature SPAMMY. Pretending you are at a party and meeting others one by one will make your appearance more sincere and genuine.
Your LINKEDIN PROFILE – Employing it For Direct and Indirect Marketing
Okay, now that you have got a basic idea about LinkedIn, let’s explore to learn using LinkedIn for generating leads. LinkedIn can be used in 2 approaches for lead generation.
The First Approach – Providing Prospect Information about the Company Straightaway on LinkedIn
It is really terrific! Consider if you walk to a party and someone encounters you to sell his insurance cover. Surely, it would be an unpleasing experience! But, what if a person first converse with you for 20 minutes about your needs, interests and then offers you with his company’s insurance cover accordingly. You must be then more enthusiasts to know the cover and detail and probably buy it, right?
The situation is similar when you offer prospects with company’s information via LinkedIn. For the direct approach, you need to know the prospect’s interest and need first. Try delivering advice, general information, or industry specific’s before you finally convert it to a sales call.
The Second Approach – Obviously, the Indirect One! It Deals with Landing Individuals to the Website to Explore About the Company
Individuals with this approach can land to company’s website, download a white paper, discover more about the firm’s products and services, or get e-newsletter signed. The tricky part of this approach is that you wish to initiate by offering helpful information or free advice to your prospect client. The engagement rules for both the approaches are same, but the only difference is that once you strongly connect with your prospect on LinkedIn, you then drive them landing to your website’s page.
Top 6 Ways to Generate Leads with Your LinkedIn Profile
These are best 6 ways for generating leads with LinkedIn!
LinkedIn Applications – The LinkedIn’s Application area is an interesting place to visit. Herein, you can add a novel and interesting apps to enhance people experiences on your LinkedIn page. You can even add your blog posts to the LinkedIn page to make people read what business you are offering. You can also set up polls to discover the status of your prospects and clients.
LinkedIn Answers – It is an extremely useful but an under-utilized tool of LinkedIn. In this section, individuals can ask questions about the business to get a specific advice. And it is you who like an industry-insider will give the advice! We know a personality, who answered questions about sales research on a timely Over the year of time, he generates more than $85,000 revenue with new projects.

  • LinkedIn People – It is a splendid option for individuals hunting for jobs, sales people, and B2B owners who wish to step into a large corporation. Just conduct a search in the upper right side box of the target company. Click on the company name, and on the right-hand side a box will appear showcasing your direct connection, or your first connection, and also second connections. With an assumption that you don’t have a first connection or direct connection, simply click on the second connection link. It will list down few individual’s names at your target company. At profile’s bottom, you can see a list of shared connections, from that point you just have to ask your referrals to present you via LinkedIn to individuals at your target firm. Finally, you’re in!

LinkedIn Groups – Mentioned earlier also, you should join multiple groups on LinkedIn. But the intelligence lies in, not only joining industry related groups, but also the ones who are outside the industry. By stretching out, you may not only expand your reach but also your business. For instance, if you are an accountant then don’t only try to join accounting groups, but also small business owners, restaurants, and more, as they might need your accounting services at one time or other.
LinkedIn Mobile – It’s true, there is a LinkedIn Mobile Application as well. You can download it to your smartphone for absolutely free. It is an excellent way to communicate, specifically when you are at a trade show or making one-on-one contacts. Even, it is also possible to exchange vital company’s information via LinkedIn by just switching on the Bluetooth. No misspelled words, no typing errors – just instant and precise transfer of information.
LinkedIn Direct Ads – LinkedIn hosts an advertising feature that is useful to drive novel prospects to the website’s landing page, your LinkedIn group, or other imperative destination. The ads work similar to the way Google paid search ads work. You only have to create a headline, add some copy, and generate a destination link. After this, you bid for how much you will pay to LinkedIn every time a visitor clicks on the ad. It will not only be a great investment, but an excellent way to generate more revenue at less cost.
Final Verdict
There are multiple new tools being incorporated to the LinkedIn toolbox now and then. One among them is LinkedIn Today that offers daily information and news about your industry and interests. Another great resource is It is a powerful package of in-depth tutorials that you can employ to supercharge your LinkedIn profile usability.
So, while your race to use LinkedIn profile for Lead Generation is on, we can only wish you GOOD LUCK!

Want More Leads and Traffic – Grab the Responsive Web Design Now!

Customer these days can connect to your website on a multitude of diverse devices. And if your site is not able to offer them with finest interactive experience, then you could surely end up losing your client. So, what is the solution to this?
Responsive Web Design (RWD)!
Responsive Web Design is a method of web design intended to craft sites to response automatically to user’s environment and behavior based on platform, screen size, and orientation. It has become not only a core feature of website designing, but also a crucial factor to determine the success of your online business.
Learn why:

  1. Mobile Usage is Escalating and Will Stay

As compared to previous records, the users using mobile devices to access internet have tripled. According to a survey in 2014, this number is ever increasing and will continue to grow. It is because the youth is every time employing its phone to shop online or search for valuable information. Even the professionals prefer using ‘internet on mobile’ to carry research work during and after working hours.

Above 90% of executives use smartphones for their business.
Above 70% of employees employ smartphone to carry research on services/products for their organizations.

  1. Consumers like enhanced and interactive user experience

Today, no user has the patience to encounter a bad user experience. Users use tablets, smartphones, and notebooks to connect with countless brands in innumerable ways. So, for your business to flourish well, it is essential that your website provides them with a positive visiting experience. Readability, easy navigation, excellent response, and more such factors keep the customers engaged with a website. If you can’t invest enough time in delivering your clients with a gratifying and impactful online experience, especially for mobile users, then surely don’t expect them to do business with your brand.

  1. Social Media Success Increases Online Visitors

As stated in a recent research, more than 60% of social networking activities are conducted by users with their smartphones. So, if your online business is linked to any social media functionality then making your website more responsive can bring more traffic from mobile. As a result, your click-through rates will also boost up excellently.

  1. Responsive Websites are Google’s Favorite

Google firmly supports RWD as the optimal method to target mobile users because:

  • It enhances Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Business Reputation is Greatly Improved
  • Loading time of a website may get reduced
  • With one URL, it becomes easier for Google to crawl your business website
  • Sites with RWD look great on all devices


  1. Content Management becomes Simple

With one website to upgrade, focusing on content quality becomes easier. It allows you to spend more time on enhancing your content and gain online business benefits from it.

  1. Cost is Reduced, and R.O.I. is Increased

RWD is a streamlined way of managing a good website with quality content. Hence, you have only one website to manage, instead of two, which results in less expenditure and more revenue.
So is Responsive Web Design the recent fad, or something very vital that you really need to consider? If you think that answer to it is yes, then here you are a step above to enhance your online business credibility!
We assure to offer customized responsive web design solutions to boost your business online repute and presence.
Just Remember to Go Responsive!

Ways to Boost Your Website’s SEO for Google Panda 4.1!

With latest algorithm update of Google – Panda 4.1, a new equation for online webmasters, marketers and business owners have emerged. With a fear of how this novel change will impact the online performance of their website in the search program, all they are left with is the option to discover each and every facet of this Google’s tool.
Just like other updates of Google, even Panda 4.1 aims to showcase websites with ‘high-quality’ and allow content to open up in a new window. But what exactly Google means by ‘high-quality’? Above than this, how online businesses can be sure that their websites is in accordance with the expectations listed by Google? If you are reading this, because even you are afraid of losing your rank on Google then here are the nonpareil tips that can help you maintain immaculate content for your website and offer you with prestigious online visibility in search results of Google.

Generate Unique Blog Content Regularly

The previous version of Panda algorithm levied focus on penalizing sites with ‘content of low quality’, i.e. copied or scraped content from other online sources. Panda 4.1 follows this approach and prioritize websites that post high-quality and regular content over those that don’t do it. So, make sure that your strategy is to generate Unique Content that is relevant to your website.
You need to ensure that the content on your site is in accordance to your business functionalities. You can post blogs and articles on your website on weekly basis, if not daily basis. The content you are posting should be engaging and informative. If you can’t do this on your own, then the best thing is to hire professionals from this field.
Optimize Your Site Content for Google Search
The content is the main element that Google searches when it looks for a quality website. In the present world, quality is about delivering an overall optimized experience to users. Therefore, you need to have a mobile-friendly site, information rich content, semantic markup, and optimized metadata. All this creates an impact on how efficiently Google surface and index your online site to seekers. If your website is not able to deliver optimized experience, then it will be extremely complex to drive visits towards the site from Google search Open window, in the presence of Panda 4.1.
You need to check that your site is incorporated with updated content, mobile-optimized and is supported by good quality content from all aspects. Check that your content does not look keyword stuffed, nor is filled with unnecessary data and information.
Gain High SEO Ranking with Good Quality Content and Website
By regularly delivering premium quality content and efficiently created websites, the Google Panda 4.1 will offer favorable results to sites that turn out to be resourceful and valuable to the users.
You need to cross-check that whether your present website is offering you with SEO rewards or not. If your site is of excellent quality, then you need to continue posting brilliant content. If not, then invest quality sources in your site to make your business an asset to not only customers but to Google as well.
If you need quality assistance, then we can help you!

Facebook Power Editor – A Fully-Loaded Tool for Your Website SMO!

Social media websites are an adequate platform for business promotion, showcasing products, generating brand awareness or advertise about any current posts. As millions of people are engaged with social sites, it turns out to be a convenient as well as cost-effective alternative for businesses to reach the target audience. Hence, social networking sites can support business organizations to accomplish their marketing goals.
Facebook ads are one of the powerful ways to target adequate audience on Facebook. There are numerous ways to construct Facebook ads such as Mobile Ads Manager, Ads Manager, Boost Post Button, but the most admired these days is Facebook’s Power Editor.

Introduced by Facebook, the Power Editor is a browser plugin useful to edit and manage bulk-ads. This tool is accompanied with an enhanced interface and enables to check the status and daily functionality of the ads. The thing is that it holds compatibility only with Google Chrome Browser.

Learn what you are missing if you are not using Facebook Power Editor?

The Power Editor is an upgraded ad editor of Facebook that enable you to manage multiple Facebook ad variations much conveniently. It is not only a powerful tool for creating bulk ads, but it is also useful for editing and managing ad campaigns on the reputed Facebook site. Therefore, you can conduct a refined search for your target audience for your services, products, or brands. Online marketers and advertisers can have better control over their advertising segment with the use of this fantastic tool.

Power Editor – Loaded with Amazing Features Bulk Import

  1. Bulk Editing
  2. Customized Groups
  3. Demographic or Geo-Specific Targeting
  4. Lookalike Audiences
  5. Domain Sponsored Stories
  6. Conversion Specs
  7. Partner Categories
  8. Optimizing Ads

With so many features, the Power Editor is an exceptionally superior tool that can impart excellent support to online advertisers and marketers who wish to target the niche audience.

So give it a try, and if you need a reliable assisting hand then trust us we are here to aid all your requirements.

SEO Parameters to Consider in 2016

Every marketer is trying to leverage the power of Google optimization, social media and Email marketing to increase web-traffic and sales as well. What is required in order to complete the pre-set goal as less as possible time? Just creating a website, picking up potential search terms, filling website meta and Content with selected (or similar) keywords, performing On Page optimization, large amount of links and posting links to social media networks. That’s it – Isn’t it so simple? Answer is no!

Folks, this is 2016 and these old school tactics do not work anymore. I am sure; you’ve experienced such things for most of your Clients’ websites. So what should be the game plan for putting up Client’s business into Big Brands list? The #1 game is not simple and fairly, that should not be your goal. Just setting up your Client’s brand value in search engines, Getting tentative amount of relevant traffic and somehow manage to convert visitors should be the final there (Outcome of your planned marketing strategy).

Analyzing Website Components –

Before going with any SEO methodology, your website architecture should be based upon better readability, priority (Of-course) and functionality. The obvious reasons are:

• Crawlability: Assisting search engine spiders to find all your URLs.
• Link Value: Passing it to all in-depth pages.
• User Flow: Letting users to visit the most important (Informative / Service / Product) pages.
Amazon is the perfect real example for having user-centric and result-oriented link navigation hierarchy


Another crucial factor is to keep website aligned with following functionalities:

• Using Clean UI & HTML Code.
• Conversion Optimized Strategic Interface.
• Easy Navigation.
• A better user-aligned HTML Sitemap.
• A well-designed Customized 404 Error Page.
• An integrated Blog.

Social Sharing functionality and a lot more.

Optimized Landing Pages –

Every one of you read all-where that Content is the real King and there is no place for any argument on it

Architecture of website must include well-navigated enough Landing Pages – Number of Landing Pages depends upon your Services and Locations. GEO targeting becomes more important when it comes to Local SEO – a client serves in a county including different regions.

There are some golden rules which should be followed while planning target web-pages:
• Send visitors to relevant pages.
• Grab users’ attention with a Concise Head-line.
• Place important information in Above the Fold segment of user interface.
• Fill-out desired information / Content on web-pages.
• Give an extra focus on URL – It holds SEO value so must be clearly descriptive what this web-page is all about.
• Show Contact Information (Like Phone Number, Address, Query form) on all web-pages- This is a trust signal.
• Consistent Branding through all web-pages.
• Include Testimonials section on all landing pages (again a trust-worthy signal).
• A/B Testing Implementation.
• Make the web-pages as authoritative resources to gain natural back-links.
• Listen to audience / know your Business Objectives and come up with converting web-page design etc.

Link Signals –

Every one of you read all-where that Content is the real King and there is no place for any argument on it

Google algorithms rapidly change but links are still an immense signal for evaluating Brand’s authority popularity and relevancy. With-out going into the Link Strategy, I will just want to mention that:

• Relevancy is still at top priority.
• Use of anchors is toxic.
• Quality always remains on top of Quantity.
• NO SPAM at all – We SEOs know the value of WEB and hence we wouldn’t want to fill it with poor information.
• No space for Black Hat.
• Instead of asking for other Bloggers / Webmasters to link back to us – better to create an ultimate Resource Page / Guide on website and naturally gain valuable back-links.
• Understand the value of Co-Citation & Brand mentions

Go Social –

See how Big and Strong Social media platforms are:
• Twitter with 284 million active users / month
• Surprisingly Instagram with 300 million active monthly users
• Facebook with 1.3 billion
These statistics automatically convince modern age SEO marketers to leverage the benefits out of these platforms, and Why not, we can assume after looking at these numbers that how much user engagement we can have for our Clients.
SO ideally if you are not using social marketing for your brand yet, it is the time when you can get started.

Advanced SEO –

Answers Box & Knowledge Search Graph
See search result on Goggling “WordSteam”
With major changes in Google search results, direct answer boxes and knowledge search graphs are the latest things which are dominating SERP results. Though the sources (for picking up direct results for answer boxes and for appearing Knowledge Graph) for Google’s results are very authoritative like:
• The source behind information.
• Structured Data.

• Data sources and search behavior. Just go through the Google Patent for Knowledge Search panel and best information as per Bill Slawski.

As a new add-on, Google Knowledge Graph is also showing Social profiles for Brands.
So what do you think about new SEO things which will be benefitted your clients? Do you have some add-ons which I should be included here – If yes, please let me know if Comment area.

Modern Web Design Trends In 2016

The Web Design industry is swift-paced and to add an extra edge to your designs that set them outstanding requires you to get aware of the top trends ahead of time. Everyone have its predictions and so do we. It is completely your choice that whether you want to settle at one position or you want to move forward with time. If you opt for latter, then you must go through our predictions for modern web design trends in 2016. So for what are you waiting? Let us dive in right away.
Elements that causes changes in Web Design
Before you read our predictions, you must develop a basic comprehension of elements that drive changes in web design.
Users – Just like other digital fields, even web designing holds a user-centric approach. The web designers and developers employ the latest technology to shape a fantabulous design landscape and promote its structure towards a forward-looking direction.
Technology – Advancements and transformations in the available tools and technology, both for building and accessing websites, create a major impact on the overall web design structure.
Other creative domains – The trends and latest happenings in other creative domains like graphic designing and more, eventually lead to alterations in the web design industry.
Most of the users nowadays are gadget fanatic and expect a website that looks incredible and works fantastically fine with all types of devices. Responsive Web Design and employing CSS to convert the appearance of a page on a device are some of the techniques recommended by Google. For this reason, some of the trends listed below will illustrate instances to create websites that are suited to RWD.
Modern Web Design Trends in 2016
Flat 2.0 and Minimalism Design

Minimalism augmented in 2015 and will stay strong in 2016. It is an adequate design for RWD with no clutter, excellent usage of white space and focusing only on aspects that are important. A prevailing web design approach that blends excellently with the minimalist philosophy is flat 2.0 design.
The principles of Flat 2.0 are clearly represented by Google Material Design, like – the material world’s allegory with the intelligent use of movement, shadows and light, provide users with an interactive design approach. It also explains the basic components of print-based designs such as negative space, grid, vibrant colours, hierarchy and exclusive imagery.
Simple Vintage Patterns from the 80’s
The glorious era of hefty computers and big cell phones of the 80’s and 90’s are the major source of inspiration for the trending vintage flavour on the web. Galactic backgrounds, pixelated text and icons and interactive graphics will boon a lot in 2016.
Iconography and Bright Custom Illustrations
The easy to implement icon fonts and wide browser support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an ultimate solution for pixelated displays resulted out from high pixel density monitors. As a result to this, users will see more colourful and vivid web design illustrations. The modish hand-written SVG icons and icon fonts that are beautiful and crisp in screen resolution will also remain hit this year.
Interactive Engaging Experiences
With CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript APIs such as Greenock and WebGL, as well as the possibility of hardware acceleration the design structure and graphics on the web will be much more engaging and interactive.
Efficient Website designs that are enough to capture the user’s attention for a longer period and with rich content and images that keep users scrolling to the bottom of the page will gain favouritism this year.
Statement Creating Typography
Typography is a major component of great branding and design where users end up landing a page to gain more information about a specific topic. With services like Typekit and Google Fonts, designers can create custom fonts that are easy to execute and look pleasing. The year 2016 will witness more creative of artistic fonts and other creative elements on websites.
Flexible Grid Layout
Layout based on grids, especially Pinterest such as cards layouts are still highly popular. Flat design 2.0. Minimalist architecture and elite front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap have all together made it possible to structure grid-based web design layouts that are appealing and successfully.
The year 2016 will witness more playful Internet layouts that are different from a stubborn grid design. You can consider this as a gentle rebel against the classic grid. It will also support enhancing the interactivity and appearance of the grid.
Out of the Box Designs
With CSS3 patterns gaining support in the coming future, it is expected to see more web components and designs breaking out of the basic rectangle shape pattern. Rounded contours and soft edges can enhance the composition of elements and their interactivity on the web page. Web design demo like Alice in Wonderland crafted by Adobe can be a real-time website design in 2016.
HD Visual Assets
Augmented bandwidth, extensive browser aid of HTML5 video and methods to deliver high-resolution graphical effects, specifically to units with retina screens, all cumulate to the attractiveness of amazing HD background videos and images on sites growing stronger than before.
Wide browser support for CSS3 background blending can lead to the implementation of visually appealing artistic effects on images that are carved in the browser with simple lines of CSS code. Cinema graphs have also benefitted with the widespread favour. These are stables images with only a certain animated portion, normally a fine detail that precisely catches the attention of visitors on a website. The concept is not new, but the immense success of visual photos on advanced iPhones that appear close to cinema graphs and sturdy browser support for the HTML5 canvas play a major role in such elements being listed at the top of the design trend in 2016.
These modern web design trends in 2016 are not sealed units or self-contained. Web designers can implement a mix of these trends as different patterns suit distinct requirements. It is because over and above these trends the uniqueness of a design and the robustness of the browser support will create a major effect on how a website performs this year. If you have your own design trends for the year, then do share it with us.

SEO and Branding Strategies for Legal Firms

Most of the lawyers put great website for their business and they do regular blogging through-out every week of every month, but still, they struggle to rank their work in Google. So is there something, they are missing with or doing some old-school stuffs? Let’s go through a Checklist of all Must-Have things/activities for a Legal Business:
Have You Performed Keyword Analysis?
Mark Sprague wrote an excellent post at Search Engine Land, in which he mentioned that consumer search behavior can be different depending upon how they start their search. People will search lawyers with different phrases like “Law firms”, “Legal Firms”, “Lawyers” or “Attorneys”.
Please consider this statistics from this Post :

  1. Law firms generate 68.3 million searches each month.
  2. Lawyer generates 66.3 million searches each month.


Law Keywords
Source: Search Engine Land

So conduct a keyword identification program under your city or region’s data sets.
Where you’ll use these search terms?

  1. In Web-Copies as far as you’re not forcing them unnecessarily.
  2. In Headings (H1/H2s).
  3. In Meta Tags, Alt Tags of Images and for appropriate deep linking.
  4. In Blog Posts.

Create Strong Web Copies
Put great stuff on the website. Every page or resource that exists on website must be awesome. You or anyone else can’t afford ranking damages due to the abundance of thin content. So always come up with an unique and eye catching content that doesn’t only fit your keywords, but give some unique information to audience. Individual Pages for every legal practice (which law firms provide) will make good impact in search results as far as they are informative, quality assured and powered up by links.
On another note, if you are not using CTAs with-in website, you’re losing something big. According to Hubspot article, anchor text CTAs can increase conversion rates by 121%. Implement the CTA buttons on website to improve conversion and better traffic flow based on this Login Radius’s post. This will let you get more potential leads and query form fill-ups out of the campaign of SEO for lawyers.
Configure On Site SEO Changes
A lot of the things must be considered during the initial stages of development of the website. Components like URL structure, use of compact HTML and JS, mobile responsiveness and efficient page speed etc. are the sign of a good web development work. However, if you’re struggling with all of these mis-configurations, now it’s time to take things back on track!
Other areas are Unique and informative Meta, Image optimization, good internal linking and implementing structured data mark-up. While you are planning to improve your on-site SEO structure, you should check this Post of Brian Dean.

Get Quality Inbound Links

Not all incoming links are treated equal and there are several things which define the importance and power of an inbound links like:
a> Topical Relevance

b> Authority of the Domain

c> The anchor and link nature (Dofollow v/s Nofollow) etc.
But most important, link shouldn’t violate the Google policies. It should add value to the context of the Page.

Get Placed into Legal Directories
Google My Business, Bing Business Listing, Yelp and Yellow Pages listings have good value but legal firms should also be placed in top lawyer directories like, NOLO,,, Justia, AVVO, and etc.

Create Social Profiles
It doesn’t only include Business Pages on Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram but Individual lawyers’ profiles as well. There are many good social websites where you can promote your Brand and can drive referral traffic. The list includes but not limited to Twitter, Quora, Slideshare, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Stumble Upon, Reddit and Pinterest etc. Start exploring all!

Google AdSense plugin is going to be forgotten

As a community of bloggers and content marketers, we all know that Google regularly reviews its products and features to ensure maximum user engagement.


In a recent update, Google has announced that it will be depreciating the official AdSense plugin for WordPress in May 2017, replacing it with the features like automatic ad formats for WordPress publishers.
Here is the proposed timeline on how this update will be rolled out…

  1. Early March, 2017: New publishers will not be able to sign up for AdSense by using the plugin.
  2. Early April, 2017: Existing publishers will not be able to change their ad settings or ad units through the plugin.
  3. Early May, 2017: Google will no longer provide support for the plugin.


Who Will be affected ?

If you’re currently using the AdSense Plugin for your WordPress site, then yes you’re affected by this change. After the plugin has been deprecated, you will no longer be able to edit your ad settings or ad units directly through the AdSense Plugin.

What can I do now?
To be able to make changes to your ad units, you should follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Back up your WordPress site.
  2. Deactivate the official AdSense Plugin for WordPress.
  3. Create and place ad units by inserting the ad code in WordPress widgets:
  4. Go to Adsense.
  5. Visit my ads page.
  6. Create a new ad unit.
  7. Paste the ad code directly into text widgets in WordPress.
  8. Make sure your site stays compliant with the AdSense ad placement policies.
  9. Remove the official AdSense plugin completely.
  10. To keep using the Google Search Console, make sure you verify your site. (But this is totally optional)

What will happen if i do nothing?

If you do not take immediate action, there will be no change to your ad settings as they’re stored in your WordPress site. Your existing ads and layouts will be unaffected and ads will continue to serve but you won’t be able to edit the position of your ads.


However, we recommend that you switch to using QuickStart or ad units, so you can make changes to your ads in future.


What is QuickStart?

If you’re an affected publisher, you must have received an email from us that suggests using QuickStart. QuickStart is a new page-level ad format that Google will be rolling out. For more information, see how to use QuickStart.

Will my earning be impacted by this update?
No. Your existing ads will continue to serve so your earnings will not be affected, but you won’t be able to edit the position of your ads.
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