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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Focus on Digital Marketing

According to latest researches,only fewer than half of businesses have a defined digital marketing strategy!
Businesses, particularly successful ones, have defined structures. Such structures aim at achieving one profound goal – Earning More Revenues! No matter what your business structure is,the eventual goal of every company is to reach out to maximum numbers of clients who can make them earn more revenue.
The main way they drive this growth is marketing themselves to their audiences. But, one major problem that large numbers of companies still experience is stagnant or low ROI. The main reason for this is that businesses do not follow a structured marketing plan based on modern technological revolution, and hence, they end up losing a large clientele base.
There are companies that still practice traditional means of marketing, hence offering leverage to businesses that follow digital marketing strategy. If you doubt the importance of digital marketing in present industry scenario, then you must read this fact! In the very first quarter of 2016, 85 cents of every dollar spent in digital marketing will go to Facebook or Google, confirms Brian Nowak, an analyst at Morgan Stanley.

This is something insane! If this is the scene, then it is essential for businesses to employ digital marketing practices in their business.So, here we present to you 5 major reasons to why ‘digital marketing is a must in 2017!’

1. Digital Marketing Helps you Capture More Leads
The core essence of planning a digital marketing strategy is to capture more leads. You can capture fruitful leads for your business only when you develop and execute marketing strategies that target the appropriate group of customers, where there is more possibility to convert audiences into buying customers.

If you lack a digital marketing strategy,then you won’t be able to track the progress of your leads. If you are unable to quantify your targeted audience, then you would lose precious leads. Digital marketing helps to measure the success of any business in thepercentage rate of incoming leads converting into potential buyers. You can plan a digital marketing strategy that effectively includes five things:

• Clearly, explains vision of your business
• Identifies appropriate clients that fit the vision
• Plan and execute a solution that matches to their plight
• Explains usefulness of the product to the customers
• Create funnels that can transform customers into genuine buyers
To ensure that your digital marketing campaign is effective and successful you can use three different tools – Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing.
These tools generate effective and quick interaction with the targeted group and deliver better results in terms of higher conversion rates.
2. Digital Marketing is Cost-Effective
Big companies don’t lack availability of funds or capitalization, but if yours is a small one, then you need to spend your money wisely. Digital marketing is an excellent promotional tool for small companies as it provides a better and cost-effective marketing platform that delivers results.
According to recent statistics,
• 40% of small companies claimed considerable savings by employing digital marketing techniques of promotion for their services and products.
• In 2016, 28% of businesseshave shifted their marketing budget allocations to digital marketing tools and techniques, and it was quite cheaper than the conventional means of advertising.
Digital marketer earns better Cost per Lead (CPL) than other marketing platforms!
You can organize a small setup of digital experts to serve your purpose. The other way is that you can even outsource your requirements to an expert firm; as such organizations have all the resources available to them that are necessary for a successful digital marketing strategy. You would also benefit from the intense research work and customized suggestions offered by such companies.

3. Digital Marketing Increases ROI
Planning an effective digital marketing plan for your business often needs a significant basic investment, which is why large numbers of businesses tend to stay away from this notion, particularly when they are happy with the revenue generated from their traditional means of marketing.
But, there is one thing that such companies are unaware of, and that is the digital marketing is not constrained to marketing only a website, and it can actually lead to high exponential growth. An effective digital marketing plan comprises a large number of online engagement techniques such as social media marketing, email marketing, app management, content marketing and SEO.
These aspects of digital strategy can be combined with analytics that measures the rate of success and can produce effective outcomes to increase market share and deliver enhanced ROI.




The higher conversion rates resulted from effective digital marketing methods can provide your business with loads of lucrative benefits in terms of higher and better revenues. As per the latest study conducted by one of the leading digital firms:
• Companies that have employed digital marketing techniques have experienced 2.8 times better revenue growth than their previous ROI.

• Medium and small enterprises using digital marketing methods will have 3.3 times better probabilities of expanding their business and workforce.

4. Digital Marketing Caters Well to Mobile Customers
Everyone residing and working in the major cities has witnessed the swift augmentation in the total number of smartphone users, mainly over the past three years. Hardly, you can see someone without using their phone that makes the total number of mobile phone users has now surpassed the overall number of desktop users.
Since the number of mobile users is growing, so the very nature of online marketing is shifting to mobile-friendly advertising that only digital marketing tools can support. If you want to have the edge over others and wish to promote your business through mobile channels,then a digital marketing strategy is a must for you.

Check out the other facts supporting this statement:
• 90% of adults in the United States prefer shopping from their smartphone devices.

• 78% of teenagers across the world prefer shopping from their smartphones rather than their desktops or laptops.

• 36% of children during their early teens have a mobile phone and access internet through it on a regular basis.

So, if you intend to influence your customer’s purchasing decision, then you need to have a digital marketing strategy that can cater to the mobile customers.
5. Digital Marketing Helps Building Brand Value
An effective digital marketing strategy can support you deliver your customers what you have promised to them. This would further develop a strong relationship with your targeted audience, who may become your loyal customers and even your brand ambassadors.
Also, an updated digital strategy can help your business adapt to frequent changes related to technologies and this way you can stay ahead of your competition. You can employ an integrated digital strategy that includes analytics, which would also help you to track alterations in your customer’s behavior and use that information to enhance your marketing efforts regularly.
Digital marketing is all about targeting right kind of people, generating more leads, bringing more revenue, and hence work towards survival of business.If you wish a lasting survival for your business, then plan an effective digital marketing strategy right now!


Facebook Advertising

The Easiest Way to Structure Facebook Ad Content that Drive Results

Facebook is no more limited to just being a social networking platform; rather it has become one of the biggest advertising platforms in the world!
As per a survey conducted in 2016, there are almost 1.86 billion active users on Facebook all across the globe, offering millions of advertisers an easy way to promote themselves. Not just big business brands, but even small local businesses consider it as a lucrative way to advertise their business and gain more traffic & sales. Everyone is crazy about Facebook, both the advertisers as well as the consumers and so even you must plan running an ad campaign on Facebook in order to boost your business presence and enhance its customer base.
Although, Facebook is a competitive platform, but still millions of people are freaking about promoting their business on this platform as it brings numerous great benefits. It is an incomparable platform to promote your business and delivers results that can’t possibly be attained with conventional marketing platforms. You not just showcase real products and services in a highly innovative manner to your customers, but can even grab their attention by with carefully drafted advertisements. So, if you really wish to capture a huge clientele for your business and allure customers, then you need to create the perfect visual and textual content for your Facebook ad that can convert customers into buyers.
Facebook Ad can be highly beneficial for your business, but only if it is enriched with perfect content that can grab customer’s attention and quench their end desires. Before we proceed to the correct structure of creating a Successful Facebook Ad, let us just brief you with the basic criterions of a fruitful Facebook Ad.
Important Benchmarks for Creating a Successful Facebook Ad
1. Targeting the Right Audience
Most Facebook advertisers find it as a unique platform inbuilt with multiple parameters that can narrow down the group of audience for any specific ad search. Being a popular social networking site, it has good amount of data about preferences, likes, and dislikes of each user, and hence, it helps enterprises to target the group of audience that has likes and preferences similar to the offerings of their business or company. So, if you are able to define the right set of audience successfully, then you can easily find a precise group of customers interested in your business.
2. Grabbing Customer’s Attention
Facebook is more of a visual platform than the textual or audible one! For this reason, the design of your ad plays an important role and can create a remarkable difference on your business’s fan following on Facebook. But at the same time, it is also essential to know just a beautiful design would not do the trick, your ad must be content rich as well.
If you wish to succeed in your Facebook ad campaign, then you need to create ads that deliver a perfect balance between aesthetics, design, content, and visuals. You must create an ad that is balanced, and that can grab your client’s attention easily.
3. Conveying the Message Precisely
Lastl and most important criteria for a successful Facebook ad is its text. The textual content of your ad must be innovative, informative, and compelling enough to convert viewers into potential buyers. This can be quite a troubling job as there is only limited space available to draft your content. But, with effective planning and a few key elements in mind, you can create compelling content for your Facebook ad.
So, let’s first check the various important aspects of a Facebook ad and then we will guide you through some tips that can help you in creating a beautiful Facebook ad with ease.

Facebook Ad Structure

Structure of a Successful Facebook Ad
1. Title
The title is the headline of any Facebook ad that rests right above the main content. It is considered as the second most seen & read element by the viewers after the image. With a limit of 250 characters, you should aim at delineating a compelling title for your ad.
Tips to Create an Effective Title for Facebook Ads
The very first thing that someone would read on your ad is its ‘title.’ The image is definitely the thing that captures anyone’s attention, but it is the headline that would make the viewers click on your ad. The headline needs to be innovative, interesting, and one that conveys your message easily.
As such, there is no set format that works, and it largely depends on the kind of products, business, or services you are promoting. The tone of the title also plays a vital role in targeting the relevant audience. Few tips that can help you structure a good headline are mentioned below:

  1. Keep it Short – Five to ten words! Your title must not be more than 40 characters in length as such a length adds readability to your title and can attract customers while they are just scrolling down.

  3. Clear and Concise – Besides keeping your title short, it must be clear in the message it intends to convey. The title must describe clearly what all is there in the ad. Clutter free language enables customers to get through the matter quickly and encourage them to click through and learn in details about the service or product.

  5. Interesting – Your ad’s title must not only be stating the details of your business, but it must also be attractive enough to encourage customers to read the description and click on the further buttons.

  7. Include Figures in the Title – As per a survey, using numbers or figures in the title increases the click through rate by 37%, and also titles with odd numbers tend to have more clicks than those with even numbers.

  9. Ask a Question – Titles posing a question to the audience attracts their attention more, but only if they are placed correctly. It is because statistics show that such headlines release more clicks as compared to headlines with a simple statement.

  11. Highlight Benefits of Your Product – Titles that highlight the benefits of your product and let your customers know how it is going to solve their problem attracts clicks than otherwise.

  13. Create Imperative Titles – Try to make your title or headline imperative by using strong verbs like Make, Get, Buy, Visit, Build, or Gain. Titles with such command actions are highly compelling and persuade customers to make clicks.

2. Textual Content
The text is a short description of the product or service or your website, the item that you are marketing. The textual content must be persuasive as well as informative.
Tips to Create Textual Content that Drive Massive Traffic
In simple words, the textual content must inform people clearly about the product or service that you are promoting in your ad. The recommended length for the textual content by Facebook is 90 characters, but it is wise if you maintain it to 10 to 15 words. This is because people are not interested in reading lengthy texts and so there is no point in writing it. Ideally, the text must be simple, to the point, clear and must comprehend the audience what is being promoted in the ad.
3. News Feed
For the news feed, you need to offer a longer description of your product or service. While the limit for the news feed is somewhere around 250 characters, still you can make most of it.
Tips to Write Effective Description for the News Feed
Just like the title and textual content, even the description must be effective and inform the readers about your product or service. One thing you need to keep in consideration is that if your ad is exhibited in the right corner, then the audience would not be able to see this particular section. As disclosed by the AdEspresso study, the average length of the description must be 17 words. Your description must be concise, but still be able to deliver enough information to the potential audience.
4. Caption
Usually, it is the URL of your site where customers can browse a range of products and services falling in the same category.
Tips to Write the Caption
The best tip to add usability to your caption is to include your domain name. You can include your link or address in any format you prefer, but make sure it looks neat. Also, you may use your website’s tagline in the caption after the address. It is a simple and easy way to make people familiar with your business.
5. Picture
An eye-catching image that can grab attention can make a lasting impact on the customers. In fact, one of the essential aspects of transforming viewers into potential buyers.
Tips to Create an Attention-Grabbing Image
Ideally, you must select an image of size 1200 x 628 pixels for your Facebook ad. The ratio of your image should be 1.9:1 which ensures that your picture is of high-quality, bright, attention-grabbing, and relevant as per the ad. According to the Facebook policy, you must use an image for your ad that is of professional appearance, and should not be stuffed with text. While selecting an appropriate image for your ad, you must consider the following factors:

  1. Select Photo Images – Images with photos are effective in communicating the message as people are more attracted to such pictures. Also, images with photos directly pointing towards the eye are more likely to grab the attention as compared to those that are side posed.

  3. Go for Images that Express Emotions – Image expressing emotions are a great way to attract people and deliver your message. Smiling faces, happy people, and other positive emotions can create a lasting impact on the viewers.

  5. Check for the Color Palette – Colors can play a pivotal role in altering the mood of the audience. Bright colors deliver an energetic feel, while dull colors can make your ad look boring and unappealing. Green is considered a pleasing color, and so you may include it in big or small proportions as per your ad. In order to enhance your business brand, it is wise to use colors that give a balancing appearance to your image.

  7. Use images specific to the ad – Using images is important, but even more essential is to use images that are specific to the ad. Your image must be ad and location relevant, so it is able to attract more viewers. This method is also known to increase the click-through rate.

6. Call to Action
Facebook is aware that you might use it not just to connect with your friends, but also to promote your business and services. For this reason, it offers advertisers with 10 pre-defined buttons so they can select the most accurate call to action for their ad. If you want your ad to drive results, then make sure you select the correct call to action button.
Tips to Prepare the Call to Action
With the call to action button, it becomes very easy for the viewer to reach landing page on your website. It offers them easy access to gain knowledge about your product with just one click. Although, it is an optional part of your facebook ad, it can prove quite beneficial for your campaign. There are pre-defined call to action buttons offered by Facebook to select from. You can select any of the buttons based on your preference or type of your ad.
Creating a Successful Facebook Ad is an intricate task that needs lots of efforts and creative zeal on the initial ground. Remember, Nothing works twice, so if you want to run an effective and successful ad campaign then you should try different versions of an ad and analyze what works with your target audience. This way you can find the best possible method to promote your brand.

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