ICO Cryptocurrency

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Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Development

ICO is aimed to attract a large number of investors and to raise a certain amount of money. Similar to an IPO, ICO offers Cryptocurrency in place of shares in the interest to raise capital for the growth and expansion of the company. People subscribing ICO are called early investor and not shareholders.

How ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Works?

The Cryptocurrency development company first need to come up with a business plan that includes –

  • Project Summary,
  • Purpose of Project,
  • Project Completion Benefits,
  • Minimum Amount Required,
  • Duration of ICO Campaign, etc.

Based on these things, interested people/investors buy some crypto coins known as “Tokens”. These “tokens” are similar to “shares” in an IPO. At the end of the campaign, if the minimum amount required to start the project is raised, the capital is used for the project. If the capital raised within the specified time period is insufficient, the money is returned to the investors or “token holders”.

Money Making through ICO Exchange

Cryptocurrency Development

Digitalization is on its way UP! Money is the major player in making our lives digital. Cryptocurrency has transformed the transaction market enormously. Still, in its early stages, cryptocurrency is known to almost everyone worldwide. Even though not many banks and governments are backing cryptocurrencies, we are already seeing the trend shifting from paper to digital forms of money. The safety quotient of cryptocurrencies makes them so desirable.

Cryptocurrency is an example of cryptocurrency. Since its success, there have been many such cryptocurrencies in the market right now. All these Cryptocurrencies use the same main Cryptocurrency source-code and are called “Bitcoin Clones or Altcoins”. The present market hold of Bitcoin is around $ 11 Billion and growing.

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