Managed IT Solutions

Unlocking Growth and Innovation with Managed IT Solutions for Small Businesses

Managed It Solutions

Your business’s success is largely dependent on the efficiency of your IT systems and infrastructure. To make them support your business and its operations, they must be simple, and they should perform without fail. But IT systems have become more complex, and the work has become more time-consuming and expensive. That’s where our managed IT services can help you. Having understood that different businesses have unique needs, we tailor our offerings to meet all your needs.

Hiring our managed IT services can bring your operational costs down by 30% and your resource requirements by 50%. We offer you diverse IT operational management services to create and manage a better IT infrastructure, both traditional and virtual.

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Why Choose Us

We are on a mission to help businesses take full advantage of IT systems and infrastructure. The following traits help us connect brands with targeted audiences and deliver delightful experiences.


We have worked with diverse brands for over a decade. This experience empowers us with unique insights, expertise, and poise to help you.


We focus on helping you grow your business and market reach. We utilize various strategies and plans to help you constantly achieve growth goals.


At ITXITPro, we focus on data to create tailor-made solutions and strategies for our clients. This helps us ensure results that matter to your brand and growth.

Our Managed IT Service Offers

ITXITPro offers numerous managed IT services, including IT support, managed IT services, and IT outsourcing to clients with or without an in-house IT support function.Our service professionals are adept in a plethora of IT technologies from leading technology vendors, such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, VMware, HP, and more.


Managed IT Support and IT Systems Monitoring Services

  • Fully managed or co-managed partnership
  • Bespoke service level agreement for 24x7
  • Network infrastructure management and security
  • Virtualization planning and management
  • Desktop and mobile workforce
  • Hardware and software support
  • Server and data storage management

IT Services and IT Outsourcing

  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Industry-standard software application support
  • Internet connectivity, remote access, and managed firewalls
  • Cloud computing and server hosting
  • IT and software asset management
  • Project management and consultancy
  • Software development and office automation

Why Hire Our Managed IT Services

  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce the cost of operations.
  • Make your IT budget more predictable by reducing business risks.
  • Protect your business from sudden, expensive system downtimes.
  • Help you focus on your core business and deliver better services.
  • Grow your business without worrying about your IT infrastructure.