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Pay-Per-Click Advertising with IT by IT Professionals

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an effective and clever digital marketing technique for instantly growing the digital outreach & search visibility of your website. While all forms of organic optimization techniques take a considerable amount of time to finally deliver on their promise of increasing traffic on your website, PPC is proven to guarantee similar results in a much shorter time. This becomes increasingly essential for new businesses that want a substantial growth in their digital performance in limited period of time.

Our team of PPC experts at IT by IT Professionals provides best-in-class PPC services in Jaipur, India. Our experience in handling PPC advertising has equipped us with the unique knowledge of resources that we utilize in order to attain the most satisfactory results for our clients.

Why PPC?

As discussed above, the most apparent advantage of PPC marketing with a trusted PPC company helps you in obtaining quick improvement in your website traffic. Additionally, PPC offers certain other benefits, such as:

  • Targeted Advertising : allowing you to run ads for your potential client base.
  • Brand Exposure : to create a name for your business.
  • Search Engine Optimization : for improving your organic search impressions as a direct result of increased traffic through PPC.
  • Pay Only After Click : to save money that would otherwise be spent on promoting ineffective ads.

All these, and several other factors, make PPC marketing a very effective tool in promoting businesses online. We, as an experienced pay per click company, are qualified to provide the best PPC marketing solutions to a wide range of clients from different sectors.

Our Services

We provide pay per click services in a wide range of digital platforms. Each client is personally assessed by our team of PPC experts, which then decides the most optimal route for PPC marketing to generate the most economical and efficient solutions. Our PPC team is equipped in handling

  • Paid Search Engine Marketing (including Google Ads)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Re-targeting
  • And much more.

Explore the dynamic range of PPC services with a reliable PPC company in Jaipur, India: IT by IT Professionals.

Why Work With Developers from ITXITPro?

ITXITPro provides you with the best-in-class solutions in the complete PHP lifecycle. We have elite and experienced Developers, Architects and Analysts as a part of our team. We are dedicated to providing services that are rich in quality. We offer a complete package that includes impeccable and high-quality services. Something Extra! You don’t need to take a huge load in your pocket to avail all these services.

Our Process for Web Development

Featuring an admirable accountability to our work, we at ITXITPro follow a well-synchronized PHP Web Development Process.

  • Initial Client Discussion and Requirement Gathering

    The process initiates with client interaction and requirement gathering. Our initial client discussions are to prepare and list down the specific project requirements.

  • Requirement Analysis and Documentation

    Project requirements are thoroughly analyzed by the domain experts and business system analysts. On the basis of their analysis, some queries and valuable suggestions are listed out for the client. Requirements are defined and documented once everything gets into the place.

  • Client Approval on Project Deliverables

    Following a legitimate analytics, domain experts and the responsible development team provide an estimated timeline for the project deliverables and completion. Later, an approval is taken on the project deliverables from the client.

  • Engagement Model Selection and Resource Allocation

    Client is suggested to select a project engagement models that suits his project requirements. As soon as the final contract is signed up resources are allocated accordingly. A kickoff report is then prepared for the development team to get them begin the work.

  • Project Execution and Timely Delivery

    A Customized project methodology is adopted and the workflow is started as a part of the project development process to meet the estimated timeline. The timely delivery of the project is ensured through burndown and burnup charts at the end of every sprint.

Our Wide-ranging Industry Experience

Get benefitted with our extensive industry rich experience with which we have worked to provide technical solutions through our development expertise.

Travel and Tourism
Food and beverage
Banking & Finance
Real estate

Select Any Suitable Project Engagement Model

Every business is unique in itself. Therefore, we at ITXITPro offer you to choose the engagement model that fits best with your requirements. Our engagement models are framed using different specifications like zero overheads, dedicated services, stringent timeline-based procedures, full accountability and prices that suit your pocket.

Turnkey Model

  • Ideal for the projects with clear and defined requirements
  • Predefined cost based on the pre-scheduled timeline
  • Limited adjustability
  • Re-negotiation the way to have the required changes

Time and Material Model

  • Perfect for the projects where requirements change
  • Useful for interim projects
  • Exceptionally flexible for development process changes with enhanced time and cost
  • End-product clearly defined
  • Beforehand negotiated hourly/ weekly/ fortnightly/ monthly billing
  • Option to switch over to fixed price model

Retainership Model

  • Hire a Dedicated Team of Experts for your project
  • Unshared Approach
  • The Partnership that lasts long
  • Effortless alliance with the client’s present-day process
  • Resources that are flexible and cost-effective
  • Transparent project tracking
  • Committed framework
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