Here is Everything You Need To Know if Your Loved One is an Online Gaming Addict

Published By Digital Marketing Team 9 March, 2021



We all hear a series of jokes and memes about online gaming and how it is affecting the daily lives of gaming addicts. All jokes aside, online gaming is actually way more malignant than we previously thought. Not only does it directly influence our social lives, but it also causes severe psychological and emotional disruptions.

Online gaming addiction in India is at its peak. People who can’t keep their hands of their phones, especially the youth, are spending the majority of their time playing online games. This is probably one of the biggest drawbacks of advancements in the field of IT and communication in this century, and the one that we need to eradicate as soon as possible.

How To Catch A Gaming Addict

So, before we begin with the treatment part, let’s discuss the symptoms first. Now, this may seem like it’s easier to catch a gaming addict because all you need to see is if they’re busy with their smartphones all day. Yes, that’s true, but this sort of analysis is only relevant for extreme cases. There are several other latent addicts, who are on their way of becoming extremes themselves, that are not that easy to track. So, here are 5 ways you can catch the culprit when the crime is an addiction to online gaming:

1. Lack of Patience

One of the key signals of online addiction is short temperament. Addition to online gaming is a direct result of frustration with losing or obsession with winning. Either way, it’s going to make a gaming addict lose their patience right at the first sign of discomfort. And yes, this applies to them socially as well. In fact, latent gaming addicts are usually annoyed with pretty much everything that involves direct social involvement.

2. Intense Preoccupation

When an online gaming addict is not playing, their dire need to get back to their game can be clearly observed from their preoccupied state of mind. All they can talk about is their favorite game, and they’ll have a lot of stories to tell. These stories will involve their supposedly interesting anecdotes during their gameplay, which is obviously going to bore the hell out of everyone who is not interested in it.

3. Petty Deceptions

One thing that definitely comes along with aggression is the tendency to underestimate everyone, and the latent gaming addicts are no different. In fact, they would come up with some of the pettiest excuses so that they can get back to their addiction as soon as possible. These silly tricks include coming up with laughable excuses to stay in their rooms, instantly shutting off the game when someone catches them playing or even pretending to study with phones behind the books. It’s like they think they are the only ones who could think of these genius strategies.

4. Using Gaming To Avoid Responsibilities

This type of symptom needs a personal analysis of an addict’s life but is surely the best way to tell if they are playing games for fun or if they really have fallen prey to the game. Every time there will a sense of responsibility and accountability put in front of an addict, they will try to deflect it by engaging back with their games. Additionally, whenever there is something troubling going on in their lives, when they’re considerably sad or feeling helpless, they’ll definitely try to escape such situations with, again, gaming.

5. Carelessness Regarding Relationships

Now, this is probably the most hurtful symptoms for the ones close to gaming addicts. They’ll clearly sense a detachment from the addict’s side as soon as they become too obsessive with their game. This will involve a lack of interest in other person’s talks, constant frustration when asked about their gaming addiction and/or absolutely no care about their loved ones, whatsoever.

If an alleged addict shows even half of these symptoms, it’s safe to conclude that they’re trapped with their gaming. Once you’ve tracked the culprit, there are a few ways you can turn things back to normal for them. Let’s discuss these remedies.

Curing Gaming Addiction

Once you’ve come to terms with the reality that someone you deeply care about is a definite gaming addict, rather than letting things go worse, there are some measure that you can take on your own to do your part in curing gaming addiction.

Before we start with the cures, what you need to understand is that gaming addiction is treated almost exactly like other kinds of addiction. It’s hard to believe that online gaming is just as malignant as drugs, but the reality is, sometimes it’s even worse.

Here are a few ways to treat gaming addiction:

1. Counseling and Psychotherapy

It’s hard to believe that someone would need therapy sessions for curing gaming addiction. However, certain new studies have confirmed that this is pretty much the best strategy at this point. The kind of treatments includes cognitive behavioral therapy, therapeutic methods and more. Leaving it to the therapists from here.

2. Relieving Burden And Responsibilities

We discussed how over-stressing and responsibility pressure can result in gaming addiction or any addiction for that matter. Addiction gives the addict an escape window to get away from responsibilities that have been troubling them for a while. Relieving some pressure off their back and having personal discussions about their condition can also help with treating their addiction.

3. Outdoor Activities

One way gamers can transmit their obsession with online games to something positive is by getting engaged in outdoor games and activities. This is the type of addiction that’s way more benign and in fact positive, for someone who is a victim of gaming addiction.

At this point, the research is underway and the whole world is trying to come up with new strategies to cure gaming addiction. We are positive that we’ll find new and more effective ways of letting these gamers know how gaming should be a part of their life and not their whole life.

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