12 Most Useful WordPress Plugins for 2017 | Tried and Tested

Published By Digital Marketing Team 10 January, 2021



Almost 60% of websites that uses a CMS are built on WordPress. It is considered the most popular and user-friendly CMS in the world. Nearly 66 million people use WordPress every day, including some high profile brands like Mashable, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, The Rolling Stones, NASA and many more.

WordPress is also one of the most customizable Content Management System available in the virtual space, beating even Joomla and Drupal. Although it started as a blogging platform, now WordPress has evolved into so much more as it powers everything from E-commerce websites and social networking sites to News portals.

WordPress Plugins can add a ton of functionality to your website. There are a plethora of plugins (both free and paid) available for download on the wordpress.org, With the help of which you can add almost any functionality to your CMS without writing a single line of code.So today we bring you a list of 12 most useful plugins (Tried and Tested) for WordPress that make your life easier…

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