How to Get More Followers on Instagram: 6 Ways to Grow Your Audience

Published By Digital Marketing Team 3 May, 2022



Looking to promote your brand on Instagram? Well, it calls for a lot of hard work in building an engaged following which is quite a difficult task. We all know that in today’s era, Instagram has become a highly targetable visual marketing channel for your company and an opportunity to draw in loyal customers who will take your business to a whole new level. Although Instagram has more than 500 million users who browse the application every day, making it a hub of the most engaged customers around, like any social networking site, Instagram also has the right and clever ways that you can use to operate your Instagram profile.

In this article, we, at ITXITPro, have brought to you some tips on how you can grow your Instagram profile and increase engagement along with growing an immense following with time- the one that has real fans instead of fake followers or bots.

Get More Followers On Instagram With These Useful Tips:

1. Describe The Tone of Voice And Personality Of Your Brand

It is important that your brand has a tone of voice and an attitude that will leave a coherent impression. You need to ensure your online personality appears approachable and affable. Create content in which an employee or even better, a customer explains your service or product to make your brand more relevant and relatable. If your brand falls under the lifestyle sector, you can try to create an aesthetic that your customers can relate to. In spite of your objective, anything that you post on Instagram must have a consistent brand personality and visual language in order to be identified easily.

2. Show Your Creativity In Caption

The captions under an image or a video you post are an efficient place where you can engage with your target audience and use impressive, persuasive words to encourage them to follow you. You can start off by using image captions as a way to tell a story about your image. This is an excellent way to tap into a reader’s emotions and leave them with an interesting impression.

3. Include Reels In Your Content

Reels are short, fun videos that you can showcase in front of your audience on Instagram. They have effects, audio as well as creative tools to make your reel engaging. In a way, they have become a new territory for brands. You can follow the tips below to gain traction:

  • Make Your Content Unique: Analyse the ongoing trends on Instagram and experiment with them as per your brand. It enhances the chance of your reel going viral and getting in front of a new audience.
  • Keep Your Content Relevant And Simple: Reels should not always be about production. Keep in mind that lower-quality videos can perform the same as opposed to highly produced reels.

Many social media marketing agencies like ITXITPro itself suggest that you should not sell your products through the content of your reels. Reels are all about providing tips, sharing facts about the industry you are in, etc. After all, they are all about engaging and entertaining your viewers.

4. Incorporate Brand Ambassadors In Your Brand

If you want to save up your capital, then you can always work with brand ambassadors who have a couple of thousands of followers on their Instagram profiles. Ambassadors are basically Instagram influencers who actually support and believe in your brand and want to promote it among their followers.

5. Determine Your Perfect Audience

When you do not have a good understanding of what kind of an audience you are targeting, then you are basically throwing feathers into the wind. You can define your target audience based on their location, age, occupation, and how they use Instagram. They are highly likely to have common concerns and issues, or lifestyle aspirations, and your content can address these concerns, and engage and inspire them. The way in which you acknowledge them will make your target audience more likely to follow you and stay on your ‘followers’ list’ in the long run.

6. Use The Keywords Efficiently

Your profile must be easy to find in order to gain more followers. Your username and profile name play a vital role in how you show up in search results and you must be consistent with the handle you use on other social networks. When you use relevant keywords as part of your name, it results in more successful searches.


Now that you know how to increase your Instagram followers with the aforementioned tips, get started right away. ITXITPro is a leading social media marketing agency that will help you do just that and more. Our unparalleled social media services are offered by the most experienced and skilled professionals who are committed to helping you reach your marketing objective.

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