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Published By Digital Marketing Team 6 October, 2022



In the post-Covid era, the retail sector is undergoing a rapid transformation. The use of the internet, social media, and use of payment gateways and wallets is growing rapidly. Ultimately helps in building a better relationship between brands and retailers.

D2C brands began focusing on developing an omnichannel presence, hence the social commerce exploded. Now brands are building onto platforms that serve a niche and customized products to new age customers.

With 4.26 billion active users, social media is the key platform for brands to engage with their audience.  This number is projected to reach six billion by 2027 so brands are fulfilling their marketing objectives with influencer marketing, advertisements, content marketing, and trending video marketing. All of these, combined, can increase the engagement with the targeted audience and can help in establishing credibility, brand personality, and ultimately generating revenue.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the use of videos to advertise and market your product or service. Due to its easy accessibility, video marketing is becoming increasingly popular among companies of all sizes, including startups and small businesses. The effectiveness of video for marketing initiatives is now widely recognised by brands and content creators. As it can boost engagement on their digital and social channels, inform their audience through a new medium, and increase brand awareness.

Why Invest in Video Marketing in 2022?

Let’s begin by stating the obvious: customers enjoy watching videos, as evidenced by the fact that the weekly average for video watch time has reached 16 hours. That’s a lot of time!

As a brand or marketer, you still want to see results, or at least the promise of results, don’t you? Studies show that over 86% of businesses use video marketing to advertise their brands and products.

And did you know that in 2022, according to experts, 82% of all web traffic will come from video content? About 64% of customers agree with the fact that they buy products after seeing the brand’s video content. For more things in detail, a statistic suggests that videos helped businesses increase:

  • Brand awareness by 70%
  • Traffic by 51%
  • Sales by 34%

There are a few other steady benefits of investing in video marketing and posting videos over social media channels that can lead to increasing your organization’s overall conversion rates. They include; 

  • Maintain visibility on social media longer
  • Increase the understanding of your product
  • Stand out more
  • Get more exposure and engagement
  • Make your audience interactions more personable.
  • Are powerful sales tool
  • Rank higher in search
  • Are becoming more prevalent across platforms

So whatever your current video strategy is, it must increase by at least 2x in order to remain competitive in 2022.  However, you cannot enter blindly, can you? No, which is why we are bringing you this list of anticipated video marketing trends in 2022

Video Marketing on Social Media Platforms

In 2022, Google launched a test where video content from social media platforms appears in search engine results.  As we are all aware of TikTok’s rapid rise to prominence among social media platforms. In an effort to keep up,  Instagram launched Reels, Snapchat introduced the Discover page, and YouTube has a short-form video feature called YouTube Shorts.

The number of uploads on YouTube every day has increased by 215%, and studies show that video ads there significantly increase brand recall. Also, the other social platforms like Pinterest have a “Watch Tab” and with its recently launched creator programme, LinkedIn intends to include educational video content.

Additionally, Twitter is experimenting with ways to improve the user experience for users who are watching videos and evaluating how successful videos are compared to other types of content on the site.

Everything indicates the potential of video marketing and its power to unleash digital dynamics for D2C businesses.

We feel that we have provided you with sufficient justification for boarding the video marketing ship. Next, learn about the trends in 2022 for video marketing and how to use them in your advertising campaigns.

A Quick Guide for Your Next Video Campaign

There is never a shortage of ideas for creating video content, regardless of your experience level. The pace at which audiences consume new trends in video marketing and how quickly they change is supersonic.

Well, we’re aware of your concerns and completely concur with them. That’s why we wanna bring a list of effective video concepts to you which has helped us increase revenue for our clients.

1. Tell a visual story with your ideas

The usual human attention span is always getting shorter. You have only a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention. However, you need something extra if you want to overcome this attention deficit. You must structure your videos such that viewers may get useful information in little doses from a longer branded video. And the craft of storytelling can help you with that.

Your videos should be well-framed with a strong beginning, engaging plot, and ebb and flow. Additionally, studies confirm that viewers will stick around for the conclusion. This study was conducted by YouTube, but it applies to all platforms.

Content has an emotional impact on the audience that lasts longer. And a strong narrative may create that connection right away.

2. Interactive Video

To persuade your customer of the value of your brand, you provided them with a tale, a cause, or another justification. But what next? What’s the next step for them? If you do not help them with this, your projected return on investment from video marketing in 2022 will suffer significantly.

The perfect video content is engaging and interactive. You must captivate the audience and involve them in your video. There are many ways to encourage audience participation, including using questions, providing options, and even gamifying the video. Their retention of your message will increase with their level of engagement.

Make the video compelling and engaging even if you are unable to immediately achieve gamification.

3. Short-Form Video Content

You might understand what we’re talking about because it’s possible that you’re also addicted to the same content. Yes, we are talking about those trendy and engaging TikTok-style videos. For a few years now, short-form video content has dominated social media and the online world. It is the ideal illustration of bite-sized content because it is simple to understand and accessible across all platforms.

However, there is a particular subset of this short-form video content that we predict will rule the video marketing trends of 2022. These are the upbeat, enjoyable, vivacious, and trendy dance and music videos that dominate our feeds.

It might be due to the fact that many Gen Z and millennial customers copy these videos or the fact that they encourage a trend culture where everyone joins in on something big. In any case, they are on their way to becoming a cultural phenomenon.

Therefore, it is time for brands to put their dancing shoes on and let go of their inhibitions. And the majority of brands already use it. Everyone is welcoming this format with open arms, from news to crypto tutorials to health information.

4. Social Commerce via Video

By 2022, social media platforms will be able to function as small e-commerce websites. Furthermore, the trends in video marketing for 2022 indicate that this shift will be driven by video. Shoppable content has already become popular on websites like Facebook and Instagram. However, what makes this interesting is that Twitter and Pinterest are now considering joining, and YouTube has recently made news for this.

All of this together shows how video-centric platforms are evolving into social commerce hubs, and you need some shoppable videos in your collection right away.  Shoppable videos are just like any other product-related videos you produce, with the addition that viewers can now tap on them to make a purchase.

The creation of captivating videos that prompt people to click on the tag immediately will be of the utmost importance in this situation. Revert to emphasizing the products, and watch the orders come in.

Create Video Marketing Campaign For Your Business

Video marketing’s ability to drastically alter your brand’s online presence is now well known. If your video marketing strategy is effective, you can raise brand awareness, increase conversions, increase return on investment for paid advertising, and do so much more.

The secret to success for many platforms is producing high-quality videos and being present for users on a regular basis. However, this necessitates work, resources, money, and time, not to mention the crucial trend-chasing that never ends.

Why do it yourself when you can leave it to the experts while still managing a business?

ITXITPro is here for you to equip you with powerful digital skills to make the transition to the digital age easy for you. Take the time to unleash the dynamics of video marketing trends in 2022 for your business with a talented design team, and unlimited video design services.

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