SEO and Branding Strategies for Legal Firms

Published By Digital Marketing Team 16 January, 2021



Most of the lawyers put great website for their business and they do regular blogging through-out every week of every month, but still, they struggle to rank their work in Google. So is there something, they are missing with or doing some old-school stuffs? Let’s go through a Checklist of all Must-Have things/activities for a Legal Business:

Have You Performed Keyword Analysis?

Mark Sprague wrote an excellent post at Search Engine Land, in which he mentioned that consumer search behavior can be different depending upon how they start their search. People will search lawyers with different phrases like “Law firms”, “Legal Firms”, “Lawyers” or “Attorneys”.

Please consider this statistics from this Post :

  1. Law firms generate 68.3 million searches each month.
  2. Lawyer generates 66.3 million searches each month.

Source: Search Engine Land
So conduct a keyword identification program under your city or region’s data sets.
Where you’ll use these search terms?

  1. In Web-Copies as far as you’re not forcing them unnecessarily.
  2. In Headings (H1/H2s).
  3. In Meta Tags, Alt Tags of Images and for appropriate deep linking.
  4. In Blog Posts.

Create Strong Web Copies

Put great stuff on the website. Every page or resource that exists on website must be awesome. You or anyone else can’t afford ranking damages due to the abundance of thin content. So always come up with an unique and eye catching content that doesn’t only fit your keywords, but give some unique information to audience. Individual Pages for every legal practice (which law firms provide) will make good impact in search results as far as they are informative, quality assured and powered up by links.

On another note, if you are not using CTAs with-in website, you’re losing something big. According to Hubspot article, anchor text CTAs can increase conversion rates by 121%. Implement the CTA buttons on website to improve conversion and better traffic flow based on this Login Radius’s post. This will let you get more potential leads and query form fill-ups out of the campaign of SEO for lawyers.

Configure On Site SEO Changes

A lot of the things must be considered during the initial stages of development of the website. Components like URL structure, use of compact HTML and JS, mobile responsiveness and efficient page speed etc. are the sign of a good web development work. However, if you’re struggling with all of these mis-configurations, now it’s time to take things back on track!

Other areas are Unique and informative Meta, Image optimization, good internal linking and implementing structured data mark-up. While you are planning to improve your on-site SEO structure, you should check this Post of Brian Dean.

Get Quality Inbound Links

Not all incoming links are treated equal and there are several things which define the importance and power of an inbound links like:

a> Topical Relevance

b> Authority of the Domain

c> The anchor and link nature (Dofollow v/s Nofollow) etc.

But most important, link shouldn’t violate the Google policies. It should add value to the context of the Page.

Get Placed into Legal Directories

Google My Business, Bing Business Listing, Yelp and Yellow Pages listings have good value but legal firms should also be placed in top lawyer directories like, NOLO,,, Justia, AVVO, and etc.

Create Social Profiles

It doesn’t only include Business Pages on Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram but Individual lawyers’ profiles as well. There are many good social websites where you can promote your Brand and can drive referral traffic. The list includes but not limited to Twitter, Quora, Slideshare, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Stumble Upon, Reddit and Pinterest etc. Start exploring all!

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