SEO Parameters to Consider in 2016

Published By Digital Marketing Team 23 January, 2021



Every marketer is trying to leverage the power of Google optimization, social media and Email marketing to increase web-traffic and sales as well. What is required in order to complete the pre-set goal as less as possible time? Just creating a website, picking up potential search terms, filling website meta and Content with selected (or similar) keywords, performing On Page optimization, large amount of links and posting links to social media networks. That’s it – Isn’t it so simple? Answer is no!

Folks, this is 2016 and these old school tactics do not work anymore. I am sure; you’ve experienced such things for most of your Clients’ websites. So what should be the game plan for putting up Client’s business into Big Brands list? The #1 game is not simple and fairly, that should not be your goal. Just setting up your Client’s brand value in search engines, Getting tentative amount of relevant traffic and somehow manage to convert visitors should be the final there (Outcome of your planned marketing strategy).

Analyzing Website Components –

Before going with any SEO methodology, your website architecture should be based upon better readability, priority (Of-course) and functionality. The obvious reasons are:

• Crawlability: Assisting search engine spiders to find all your URLs.
• Link Value: Passing it to all in-depth pages.
• User Flow: Letting users to visit the most important (Informative / Service / Product) pages.
Amazon is the perfect real example for having user-centric and result-oriented link navigation hierarchy

Another crucial factor is to keep website aligned with following functionalities:

• Using Clean UI & HTML Code.
• Conversion Optimized Strategic Interface.
• Easy Navigation.
• A better user-aligned HTML Sitemap.
• A well-designed Customized 404 Error Page.
• An integrated Blog.

Social Sharing functionality and a lot more.

Optimized Landing Pages –

Every one of you read all-where that Content is the real King and there is no place for any argument on it

Architecture of website must include well-navigated enough Landing Pages – Number of Landing Pages depends upon your Services and Locations. GEO targeting becomes more important when it comes to Local SEO – a client serves in a county including different regions.

There are some golden rules which should be followed while planning target web-pages:
• Send visitors to relevant pages.
• Grab users’ attention with a Concise Head-line.
• Place important information in Above the Fold segment of user interface.
• Fill-out desired information / Content on web-pages.
• Give an extra focus on URL – It holds SEO value so must be clearly descriptive what this web-page is all about.
• Show Contact Information (Like Phone Number, Address, Query form) on all web-pages- This is a trust signal.
• Consistent Branding through all web-pages.
• Include Testimonials section on all landing pages (again a trust-worthy signal).
• A/B Testing Implementation.
• Make the web-pages as authoritative resources to gain natural back-links.
• Listen to audience / know your Business Objectives and come up with converting web-page design etc.

Link Signals –

Every one of you read all-where that Content is the real King and there is no place for any argument on it

Google algorithms rapidly change but links are still an immense signal for evaluating Brand’s authority popularity and relevancy. With-out going into the Link Strategy, I will just want to mention that:

• Relevancy is still at top priority.
• Use of anchors is toxic.
• Quality always remains on top of Quantity.
• NO SPAM at all – We SEOs know the value of WEB and hence we wouldn’t want to fill it with poor information.
• No space for Black Hat.
• Instead of asking for other Bloggers / Webmasters to link back to us – better to create an ultimate Resource Page / Guide on website and naturally gain valuable back-links.
• Understand the value of Co-Citation & Brand mentions

Go Social –

See how Big and Strong Social media platforms are:
• Twitter with 284 million active users / month
• Surprisingly Instagram with 300 million active monthly users
• Facebook with 1.3 billion
These statistics automatically convince modern age SEO marketers to leverage the benefits out of these platforms, and Why not, we can assume after looking at these numbers that how much user engagement we can have for our Clients.
SO ideally if you are not using social marketing for your brand yet, it is the time when you can get started.

Advanced SEO –

Answers Box & Knowledge Search Graph
See search result on Goggling “WordSteam”
With major changes in Google search results, direct answer boxes and knowledge search graphs are the latest things which are dominating SERP results. Though the sources (for picking up direct results for answer boxes and for appearing Knowledge Graph) for Google’s results are very authoritative like:
• The source behind information.
• Structured Data.

• Data sources and search behavior. Just go through the Google Patent for Knowledge Search panel and best information as per Bill Slawski.

As a new add-on, Google Knowledge Graph is also showing Social profiles for Brands.
So what do you think about new SEO things which will be benefitted your clients? Do you have some add-ons which I should be included here – If yes, please let me know if Comment area.

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