6 Proven Hacks to Increase Ecommerce Conversions

Published By Digital Marketing Team 21 April, 2022



Many businesses struggle in achieving the desired number of conversions from their eCommerce websites. Your business is competing against endless other websites that are also trying to draw in the same category of consumers as you. So, how do you draw in more traffic and conversions for your website?

Well, you can do so by using a mix of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques. In this blog, we, at ITXITPro, have brought to you several proven eCommerce hacks that you can use in order to implement the ones you think will be useful and relevant, thereby increasing your conversions.

Proven Hacks To Increase eCommerce Conversions:

  • Social Proof Notifications

The best way to win the trust of your customers is by adding social proof notifications to your website. You can show notifications that will display the names of the people who have purchased items from your website recently. These notifications tend to appear on your website constantly, thus helping you leverage the fear of missing out to market your product or service.

  • Include Chatbots

Chatbots are really handy tools for eCommerce conversion optimization. They tend to engage your customers and address their queries immediately. They also guide the visitors of your website through your sales funnel and makes the buying process easy for them. As a result, this will increase the chances of conversions. Furthermore, chatbots are at service 24*7, so you can rest assured that they will reply to your visitors around the clock.

  • Reduce The Speed Of Page Loading

The speed of your page loading is one of the most essential parameters that you must consider when you want to increase your eCommerce conversion rate optimization. After all, who wants to wait an eternity for a page to load? Hence, you must make sure that your website loads almost instantly. In order to determine the speed of your page loading, you can always use Google PageSpeed Insights. Not only will it give you a score but will also recommend ways by which you can improve the speed.

  • It Is Important To Make The Checkout Process Easy

For eCommerce conversion rate optimization, you must make sure that you are making it easy for your customers to buy products from your website. You can do so by making the checkout process rather easy. In order to simplify the checkout process, you must work on reducing the number of steps involved while purchasing the product. Your customers may get frustrated or exhausted, thereby leaving before even completing their purchases if you keep your checkout process lengthy.

So, here’s what you can do in order to simplify your checkout process: ask for only necessary information, simplify your navigation and decrease the number of pages your customers have to go through before the checkout process comes to an end.

  • Adding Customer Reviews In A Great Way 

It is important to give customers social proof in order to increase your eCommerce conversions. Reviews are a great way to gain the trust of your online customers. Even your visitors will trust online reviews as they are genuine, real opinions from your previous customers and give your potential customers a rough idea about your products. When you are curating your product page, make sure to include a section for reviews there. As a result, when potential customers will visit your product page, they will see all the reviews about your product right there, hence getting a nudge to purchase from your website.

  • Your Landing Page Must Be Well-Curated

Before your visitors turn into customers, you must turn them into leads first. In order to do this, your landing page must be exquisitely designed. This will make it rather easy for your visitors to give you all the information you need about them. In order to gain their trust, you can always showcase testimonials from your previous customers. You need to ensure that you are highlighting your unique selling proposition as well. In addition, the form that you ask your customers to fill out must be brief and to the point If that form is lengthy, they may end up skipping out on filling it out and bouncing away.

We, at ITXITPro, can help you implement the aforementioned proven hacks that are most likely to work on increasing your eCommerce conversions. We offer unparalleled eCommerce services in order to make your website more appealing to your visitors. Our team of skilled experts are there to offer you incredible eCommerce development services, thereby making your website more customer-friendly. So, if you are looking for excellent eCommerce development services, then we are your sure shot destination. We will help you achieve the desired number of conversions from your eCommerce website.

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