How To Integrate The eCommerce Sales Funnel Into Your Website

Published By Digital Marketing Team 7 October, 2022


An Overview

How to increase conversions on the eCommerce website, is the question everyone wants an answer to. Most entrepreneurs who are trying to grow their eCommerce businesses simply set up their websites and try to send as much traffic to them as possible. However, they hardly ever think about what must happen before someone lands on their website. Due to this, conversion rates decrease, thereby crippling business costs. This is why the concept of ‘warming up traffic’ is so relevant nowadays. This approach filters out the traffic with no intent of purchasing and only allows those who have a potential interest in your product to enter your website. This is not a thumb rule as many businesses function wonderfully by simply driving directly to their website, but it is a difficult thing to achieve. This is where eCommerce funnels come into play. They are bridges from the traffic source to the website, thereby filtering out traffic with no intention of purchasing. They are quite common and are used widely. In this article, ITXITPro will dive deep into how to leverage different sales funnels to make a significant impact on your conversion rate.

Integrate Your eCommerce Sales Funnel Into Your Business

1. Use Facebook Ads To Obtain Targeted Traffic

There are nearly 2.32 billion active users on Facebook which makes it the ideal platform to create awareness of your brand. Facebook ads are available in various forms for your conversion goals. By using Facebook ads, you can spread the word for your brand quickly and draw in highly targeted visitors to your eCommerce website. There are no limits to how this platform can be used. Following are several practices for top-of-funnel Facebook ads:

  • Repurpose Your Value Hypothesis

Sharing your value hypothesis via Facebook ads helps users in understanding what your brand is about and what value you can offer them. With a transparent hypothesis, you can give users a reason to consider purchasing from you. In your proposition, you can explain how your product would serve as the best solution for them and how you stand out from the crowd.

  • Showcase Product Categories

Another excellent way to build brand awareness is by simply explaining what customers will find in your eCommerce store. Listing all the products you are offering is not a wise choice, however, you can put them together under categories. By using Facebook ads, you can showcase several products in just one ad, and help users learn more about your product range.

  • Promote Offers

Promoting special discounts and sales on Facebook works marvelously for various stages of your conversion funnel. You can draw the attention of the users by offering introductory and seasonal discounts.

  • Promote Content

The stage of awareness is where you must prevent hard-selling and intense product promotion. Integrating product marketing into your website content is quite a subtle way to promote your product for top-of-funnel prospects. By using Facebook ads, you can also advertise your content to relevant users.

2. Develop Engaging Content

Content can help brands garner engagement from customers by educating them about the brand and what it stands for. Keep in mind that your target audience knowing merely your brand’s name is not enough. They must also understand the qualities that make your brand different from your competitors. Content creation plays a vital role in this. To develop content that sets your brand apart from your competitors, you must share complete details about your business. You can do this by positioning yourself as a subject matter expert. Rather than trying to sell your product right away and coming across as irritatingly promotional, you should focus on educating your customers and making them aware of how your product can make their lives easier.

3. Use Social Proof

Social proof is a go-to strategy for most marketers. It is referred to as an assumption that other people’s thoughts and actions are the correct behavior in any given situation. Social proof applies to most aspects of everyday life and of course, eCommerce is not an exception. Social proof functions in every stage of the eCommerce sales funnel and it is particularly an exceptional tool to convince website visitors about the credibility and quality of your online store.

4. Capturing Email Addresses

As you move from awareness toward the interest stage, there are a few eCommerce tactics that come in handy when it comes to capturing email addresses along the way. Not only will you get more prospects as opposed to other passive forms of marketing, but you will also get your users’ information. In today’s digital era, having that information can make your customers more accessible to you, thereby giving you more lead generation opportunities. You can get a user’s email address in various ways- one being creating an efficient lead magnet. Lead magnets are services given to an audience for their contact information.

To Sum This Up!

Integrating eCommerce sales funnels into your website is not rocket science, however, it is significantly crucial for generating leads and conversions. You not only need to set up your website, but you also need to make sure that it is free of bugs and errors. This is where we come in, ITXITPro has catered to hundreds of clients by offering them exactly what they need- exceptional eCommerce development services. Website development is an integral part of setting up a successful eCommerce store and ITXITPro works toward developing websites for businesses to help them increase brand awareness. So, if you require web design or web development services, we are here for you. Apart from eCommerce development services, we offer a myriad of services that will help your brand achieve its conversion goals.

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