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The most long-awaited time of the year – the end-of-the-year holiday season is around the corner.

It brings in its wake excitement, fun, and joy. There is a vibrant festive mood all around. This makes it the time to make the most of the end-of-year sales.

If all of your sales are coming from online shopping, then ITXITPro, a top Digital Marketing solutions provider explains some eCommerce tips for your end-of-year sales in this blog post.


Here are some beneficial tips to make your end-of-year sales memorable.


The holiday season campaign should ideally kick off with an aggressive pay-per-click campaign. SEO generally consumes time to reach the top of the search engine. But pay-per-click on the other hand, allows your site to place an ad right where the customers’ can instantly see it.

Some useful tips herein include:

Selection of top keywords not generally chosen by rival competitor sites. This will help get more customers’ to your website.

Attractive options. Like for instance, option to click on special holiday gifts, or sales products, or bonus offers, and other promotional offers.

Ad extensions recently re-branded as assets by Google. Along with site-links, it can be used to highlight special holiday shipping info, price reductions, etc. They allow for addition of more contexts to the ads that are published.

While assets provide additional info regarding the ad, site-links will appear below the ad’s main URL, when someone searches for your brand. What makes them so good is they minimize shopper’s search process and encourage them to click the link.

ITXITPro with its all-round expertise in pay-per-click will ensure that your pay-per-click campaigns reach the right holiday shoppers at the right time. Its team of PPC professionals will make sure of this for the peak holiday season with a well-crafted pay-per-click marketing strategy.



Consumers’ holiday shopping experiences should get top priority.   Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and well-optimized with Holiday season content for this year’s customers’. Herein, consider creating an attractive ‘Discounts and Sales’ page on the website.

This way, the content can be updated with current promotions. Then incorporate it into the link-building strategy, and finally optimized for those customers’ specifications looking for site promo codes.

Holiday gift guides with new products supplemented by attractive images, and powerful seasonal messages that appeal to customers’ sentiments.

SEO-oriented content that generates holiday sales like promotions, etc, backed by a streamlined purchasing process. The website’s pages must be well-optimized to rank in the organic search results well-before the holiday season begins.

ITXITPro, a leading SEO solutions provider, leveraging latest SEO techniques will optimize not just your site pages but also product titles, descriptions, and images, tailoring them to people buying gifts. This will help your eCommerce store to attract more people and earn more cash this holiday season.


An effective holiday content marketing strategy must be a part of overall marketing activities.

The focus should be on

User-generated content. Developed by a person not affiliated with or promoted by the brand, its organic nature makes it appealing.

Blogs with holiday-themed content inclusive of keywords favorable to the holiday season.

Social media with bright and catchy content supplemented with appealing photos or videos.

Podcast with a topic that will synergize the main theme with the promotions planned for the holiday season.

Email campaigns with an engaging CTA (Call-to-action) that communicates sales events and promotions, or highlights the best products.

Guest posting on third-party sites that speaks about the promotions that is being offered.

Seasonal content calendar. This will allow customers’ to plan and prepare for the holiday season ahead of time with their shopping lists.

Selecting the right content type that fits the goal will go a long way in engaging the right audience. Additionally, sharing the content helps to create emotional affinity for the brand, and engages them to be a part of the eCommerce store that promotes the brand.

ITXITPro with its strong proficiency in Content Marketing is well-positioned to make your content joyous for the holiday season; help generate more leads; and make more holiday sales.


A holiday season oriented themed web design will make your eCommerce site more attractive for existing and potential customers’ to visit and buy. The design should also be responsive.

With UI/UX, the web design can not only be made more attractive but can also be made responsive that works efficiently across browsers and devices. Additionally, with UI/UX, few more things can also be done with the website.

Product Catalogs/Holiday Collections can be rearranged with popular items appearing on the top.

Newsletter subscription with a popup message wishing everyone a ‘Happy HOLIDAY SEASON’.

Color and font palette that captures the spirit of the holiday season at its best, with elements like jingle bells, gifts, etc.

CTA buttons too must be given prominence. They can be made a standout with holiday season decorations using minimalist design elements. The brighter and colorful they appear, the more they will add to the holiday cheer.

ITXITPro with its specialization in UI/UX designs knows what exactly needs to be done to make eCommerce sites aesthetically captivating. Using latest UI/UX techniques, it can alter the web design that will add value to the site and the experience its users have with it.


Capture the holiday season fever with a holiday version of logo.

UI/UX can help tweak the logo with new and unique elements that captures the true spirit of the festive season and align with the merriment of the holiday season.

ITXITPro using its expert UI/UX skills can come up with great design concepts that will make the season special for your clients. It can create an awesome logo that will help your eCommerce site to capture the cheerful spirit of the holiday season.



If your website suddenly malfunctions during the holiday season, it is only bound to irritate and frustrate customers’. Hence, it’s wise to plan ahead and be prepared for such eventualities.

Customizing the design of error pages in a way that captures the spirit of the holiday season will be a good move. The ‘303’ and ‘404’ can be given a colorful look with a special custom illustration in the form of either a Christmas tree or New Year’s spirit emblem, followed by a friendly or humorous error message like, “We have embarrassed ourselves with this ERROR”, or “Sorry, buddies, it looks like we have got STUCK.

No worries, we will soon get back UNSTUCK”. The whole approach should be to make the errors sound interesting in a way that will compel the customers’ to be back again.

ITXITPro knows exactly how to make error messages interesting and friendly. By leveraging its UI/UX expertise, it can tweak the design and message in a way that will entice the customers’ rather than put them off.

Finally, positive testimonials can work wonders. Online customers’ are very particular about what other people have to say and how their experiences have been. When they read positive reviews, it will make them feel comfortable with not just the eCommerce site but also its owner.


Holiday season is a season of cheer, fun, merriment, and joy.

Let your eCommerce site truly capture such a spirit with a holiday eCommerce strategy from ITXITPro, a leading Digital Marketing solutions provider. This will boost your end-of-year eCommerce sales and come out profitable.

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