September 2019 Google Search Console Update: Why It’s a BIG News for Data-Driven SEO

Published By Digital Marketing Team 1 April, 2021



While using Google Search Console this evening, we came to find out that Google has updated its webmaster tool by making a minor yet, at the same time, a massive change that will redefine data-oriented search engine optimization.

So, what’s the update? Earlier, if you needed the latest performance data of your domain through the search console, the latest stats that you would get were for three days before the present date. With the new update, however, you can get your Google performance data that can be less than a day old. If your SEO strategies are governed by the latest data of your online performance, then you already know how huge this news is for you.

However, if you still haven’t started using your performance data to plan your SEO strategies, then you’re unfortunately, you’re not doing it right. The whole reason why digital marketing is booming in today’s market is that it offers profound insights to your performance which you can use for its betterment.

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Let us explain to you the benefits of following a data-driven approach in your SEO planning in just three points. Here we go! 

1. Data Helps You Analyze The Efficiency of Your Strategy

Arguably the best thing about performance data is that it works like a report card for all your SEO planning. You can analyze which part of your planning is working and which is not, and based on that, you can shape your planning in your own advantage.

With the new update, you can get performance results from GSC that are less than a day old. This will help you further by giving you the latest insights on your recently implemented strategies. 

2. You Can Track Your Audience

Sometimes, if you’re getting a high-traffic on your website, the conversion still stays more or less the same. This might be since your planned strategy is working for a particular region which you weren’t supposed to target. With the latest search console stats, you can check if your target audience is exactly what you want it to be.  

3. You Get New Ideas For Your Planning

If you really know how to interpret your correctly, then you will get many new insights that you can add to your SEO planning. For instance, a particular page that you didn’t think would perform quite well on SERPs can be tracked through the latest GSC stats, and the strategies that you were following on that page could be implemented on other pages as well. 


This latest update from Google is truly a gift for SEO experts. We hope you make the best use of it to enhance your search engine performance.

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