What Is Organic SEO? The Guide For Beginners

Published By Digital Marketing Team 4 May, 2022



If you had reached this article that does mean you are not living under a rock, it means you had somehow known the term “organic SEO”. But it is just that you don’t know what it exactly means. Please Don’t panic! This article is about people like you. The term organic search engine optimization (organic SEO) refers to methods used to attain a high ranking on a search engine results page like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Google and Organic SEO:

Let’s understand how organic search engine optimization (SEO) ranking works, for this we must know how organic SEO and Google work. Google, the world’s most recognized search engine and created a platform for organic SEO, building up a search query option that provides all-encompassing, information-based results possible. Google is established in a format that prioritizes the user experience – eliminating issues like page speed and lag time. Each search engine uses optimizes an exclusive, complex algorithm to regulate results for the best answer for the search user’s query.

Working on Organic SEO:

Organic SEO is created to build a website and if the content is worth depicting in Google’s top ranking. It helps in increased online visibility.

Digital Marketing VS Organic SEO:

With the help of digital marketing tools, you may access paid search results where you may need to pay-per-click (PPC) through a Google Ads account. It is a costly and also short-run method.

While on another hand, organic SEO provides the relevant results for a search query. Along with the detailed passages of text, it is also important to spend more time on your website to improve the important Google ranking factor. To attain website ranks high, one must implement an organic SEO strategy, here are a few strategies to be followed:


Rely on relevant keywords for organic SEO, that is listing words that are closely related to your business or are related to your industry.  You should mention the keywords to bid upon, the next strategy involves crafting text that uses your keywords.

Choosing a list of Keywords helps to eliminate zero in the target audience, and pick only writing informative and beneficial content for readers. These keyword and key phrase searches make the web page to be shown at the top of SERPs(Search Engine Results Pages) when users are looking for content.

Multimedia for Your Content: Always add multimedia elements and tools of digital marketing to the content of your web pages, such as images, videos, and infographics.

Website’s Page: Before starting working site’s speed, it is a good idea to set a goal. As per studies, more than half of search engine users leave a website if it takes too long to load.

For increasing the speed of the website here are a few strategies:

  • Minimize HTTP requests: As per studies,  80% of a Web page’s time spent is on like images, stylesheets, and scripts, it can be controlled in google chrome, identify the size and time of each click “Inspect,” then click the “Network” tab.
  • Minimize and combine files: Minimize the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, and the requests your site makes, this involves removing unnecessary formatting, whitespace, and code. It should be considered while using a templated website builder. It is easy to use but builds messy code that slows your site relatively. It is also important to reduce the number of redirects that the web page has.
  • Internal Linking Structure Optimized: The most beneficial organic SEO activity is to build a strong internal linking structure for the website by linking for structure optimization of site content. This strategy turns easier for Google search to improve the website performance and linking pages, at least three pages of the website for an optimal internal linking structure.

Techniques of implementing organic SEO are categorized into 3 parts:

It is important to know to understand these methods as some are highly negative repercussions.

White Hat SEO: This category is considered “white hat SEO” methods that are extensively acknowledged and follow the guild lines of Google & other search engines also. It is considered the harmless and most acquiescent form of organic SEO practices.

Grey Hat SEO: Grey hat SEO techniques, it is a little more tricky to categorize as it falls in a grey hat and is much riskier than white hat SEO. It is an equilibrium between what is satisfactory in regards to the policies of Google and other major search engines. It is riskier as it can often fall between what is suitable and what may not. It is best to avoid this technique. The most common grey hat SEO used today are:

  • Getting & acquiring the existing domain
  • Using duplicate content with spinning tools
  • Buying links
  • Programming social media

Black Hat SEO: It is the most dangerous of all techniques. These techniques disrupt the guidelines decided by Google and all major search engines, that’s why banned from search engine results. Review the list of banned and illegal practices:

  • Copying content
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Purchase of links
  • Spinning and changing content
  • Using subdomains with duplicate content

It is always advised to revise Google’s terms and conditions and emphasize organic SEO techniques and strategies. It involves optimization of the building of the website, creating original content, and the proper distribution of the content around the web. ITXITPro believes that trust-building is a process therefore we emphasize Generating more clicks organically and  keywords quality The content we provide over search engine results forever and enable trust among the users

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